Eco Air NW is a amazing company. We bought a new Heating system with installation the week of thanksgiving and were garrentied to have heat for the Thanksgiving dinner we were hosting. They worked for 2 days straight for 10+ hrs each day to make sure the project got done. Unfortunately, the last day the system couldn’t be turned on safely and we would have 2 more days without heat because the IT department was closed for the day and holiday. I was FURIOUS about this, because the owner had promised me heat for the first Thanksgiving in our new home. Well about an hour after the technician left, I got a call from the owner of the company. HE and his lead were going to be at our house at 9 am to fix the issue. They came and worked on Thanksgiving to give us the heat he promised and we even made some new friends. I LOVE my new system and can’t wait to see the savings in our energy bill. I highly recommend Eco Air NW, they go above and beyond to make sure they are installing a earth friendly system and customer service.